What's the best thing about your job?

"I get to do so many things that most people wouldn't dream of doing. As a security officer, you're on the pulse of everything that happens at the casino. Here's an example - last week I had to deal with a snake in the car park. It was a tiger snake and they love the heat of car engines so it was hiding out there. That gives you an idea of what we do."

What are the issues facing people in your department?

"The biggest thing is our rostering. We've got 12 hour shifts and we've got to move from day to night with the current system with only a day and a half in between. You can do it once or twice, but more than that you really start to feel extra fatigue, and some of us have had to take sick leave to recover."

Why did you join your Casino Union?

"A lot of reasons. Unity is one of the most important things, but there's also the extra level of protection that comes with being in a union. Without our union a lot of the rights that we have just wouldn't exist. And when things go wrong, which in security they can, being able to have a safety net is always handy."

Why should everyone in security join?

"I've got a better question: why shouldn't you join? You're covered under the provisions that our union has won, and it's our union which will enforce those provisions. If you can give me one good reason not to join, I'll be waiting to hear it."