Shift work takes its toll

Rheta WallBy Rheta Wall, Gaming Machines – Crown Melbourne

When you’re at work all the time, you don’t get to see your family and you don’t get to see your friends. You become disconnected from them.

In fact, a lot of family members and friends are shocked when they see me. Even my neighbours are shocked when they see me!

And you get burned out, especially when you’re working shifts.

That’s why an extra week of annual leave would be so fabulous. Because it’s always useful to have extra time off, but even more so when you do shift work.

It’s also important for people with young families. If you’re a parent then you’re going to be juggling, and then it’s very valuable to have extra time to spend with your kids.

So an extra week off is very high on everyone’s list of priorities.

We need Crown to understand that we deserve this. Crown is doing very well, and we need them to understand that we’re a big part of it. It’s a partnership between Crown and all of us working there.

That’s why we all have to back each other up. We all need to endorse our world class standard so that Crown understands that if it’s doing well, then we should all be doing well.


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