Crown Smoking Survey

吸烟问卷调查 - Do the survey in Chinese 

United Voice members have created this survey so employees of Crown Melbourne can have our say about patrons smoking while we work here at Crown.

All employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that its employees have a safe and healthy workplace. However, exposure to cigarette smoke is a serious health risk*.

We want to know how strongly you feel about smoking at Crown, the impact it has had on you personally, and how effective you believe Crown's current measures are to minimise your exposure to passive smoking.

From time to time, union staff may use survey data to help Crown employees argue against smoking at Crown. If this happens, confidentiality of participants will be ensured. Union staff might also use survey responses to offer participants more information about the dangers of exposure to cigarette smoke. You can visit our privacy statement for more information about how the data in this survey will be collected and used.

If you want more information about our survey, or the health risks associated with exposure to cigarette smoke, contact 9235 7777 or

* See Australian Government, Department of Health and Aging, “The Dangers of Passive Smoking” 2012.

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