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In our campaign for a new EA last year we fought for and won greater respect, including new rights to be consulted on changes that affect our jobs.

Some of these new rights we won include stronger consultative committees and a new provision for Crown staff to be represented on the Employer Health and Safety Coordination Group.

Optimized-chart.pngWe also won a new Work-Life Rostering Committee. This committee’s role is to ensure we receive fair rosters. 

These new or enhanced representative structures have created some important opportunities for union members to step up, have a say and represent your co-workers.

Union members are being urged to nominate for these committees. 

You can register your interest online

Once you have registered online an organiser will contact with you about the next steps and with more information. Nominations will be open soon – so register your interest now.

If you have already nominated you should also put in an expression of interest online so you can get all the relevant information and support.

Those members interested in nominating for the peak Employee Consultative Committee may also be interested in nominating for their departmental consultative committees as positions arise. 

Please note some of the departmental consultative committees have not yet been established. However members will be pushing to set up committees for all departments in the near future, so all members are encouraged to nominate now.

If you are interested in nominating for a departmental health and safety committee you first need to make clear you want to be a health and safety representative when the opportunity arises.

If you are a health and safety representative on your departmental health and safety committee you can then nominate to represent your department on the peak Employer Health and Safety Coordination Group.

Once you have registered an organiser will contact you about the next steps and provide you with more information about your role and the nomination process.

REGISTER NOW: Step up and represent your co-workers!

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