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What's the best thing about your job?

"Job security and the flexibility to make work fit in with what you want in life. I like being able to pick up or swap shifts. I'm not stuck in a rigid structure that is dictated by someone else. My roster is my roster."

What are the issues facing people in your department?

"I'm lucky as a full-timer because I have certainty when it comes to my hours. However, a huge thing for part-timers is the inconsistency of hours, and as a result, their pay."

Why did you join your Casino Union?

"In the beginning, I joined for job security and the ability to have a say. I think that I'll be at Crown for the long-term, and I want to have a say in the conditions and pay that we receive going forward."

Why should everyone in join?

"If people don't continue to join, then the conditions, flexibility and wages we have won won't be protected, or bettered. We are a successful company, and our department is an important part of that and it's only fair we get our share."


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