Cars and camaraderie with Crown's only female valet, Sandy Howard

Working in the depths of the Crown Casino complex, it’s not often possible to know about conditions elsewhere.

That’s why meetings of the Crown Leaders’ Council are so valuable to valet driver Sandy Howard, whose working hours are spent in the car park steering everything from Mitsubishis to Maseratis.


“The leaders’ council gives you a sense of camaraderie. You meet people from every section of Crown who you would not know otherwise,” says Sandy.

“Because there are so many different departments you tend only to think about your own until you come to something like this. Here you see what you have in common with everyone else.

“You get a sense of what’s going on Crown-wide and it gives you more skills in being able to handle questions in your own department.”

Last week’s leaders’ council began reviewing the findings of the Crown wide ‘Have Your Say’ survey. With surveys still coming in the results will be released at Crown mass meetings in January.

The first glimpse of the survey findings suggested the final result would be very enlightening, said Sandy.

Meanwhile, Sandy, who has in the past thrown the odd Monaro around the tracks, will go back to sampling some of the finest products automotive engineering has produced courtesy of working in the Crown car park: Ferraris, Maseratis, Rolls Royces and Bentleys.

But the most memorable, she says, perhaps because there are so few seen on the road, was a burgundy McLaren.

“I love cars,” says Sandy. “I have always loved cars.”

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