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VoteNow-Sash.jpgVoting for Crown’s Employee Consultative Committee has now opened. Below is the list of union members who have nominated for the ECC.

These candidates will make sure you have a strong voice on workplace issues that affect you and on the decisions that Crown makes about your job and your area. You can vote for them via ERIC until Monday 31 March. Candidates in areas where they have been elected unopposed will be announced when the voting concludes. 

Elections are being held in the following areas:

Table Games 


Sue Szalay

 "I have been at Crown for 14 years, and a member of the union since I started here."

"I have been a delegate for five years and on the bargaining team twice.

"I want to be on the Employee Consultative Committee to ensure Crown do things fairly. I think outside the box and that is what is needed to make sure Crown enforce our EA fairly."


Zoe Riddle

"I want to be a part of the new Employee Consultative Committee Zoe-Riddle.jpgbecause I am passionate about representing interests of my workmates. I have been part of our union from day one. I am an active delegate and have advocated for my crown workers in many capacities past and present and I want to continue that into the future. VOTE 1 for Zoe Riddle!"


Matt Poynter 


"As a delegate in our union, United Voice, I believe part of my role is to
help members. The new-style Employee Consultative Committee is a great opportunity to bring workplace issues from all departments to the attention of senior Crown management and ensure we are treated fairly and with respect!"


Kym Grattan

"I've been at Crown for five yeas and I've been a union member since kym-grattan---table-games.jpgday one. I have been a union delegate for the last few years. I have put up my hand to join the consultative committee to ensure my colleagues' issues get addressed, as well as to ensure Crown respects our right under our EA." 


Harrison Maw


 "I would like to express my interest in representing my coworkers on the ECC. I feel I will bring a fair and balanced approach to all meetings and issues raised with the committee. Crown is an incredibly successful business with an opportunity to grow not only itself but its employees. I and the committee hope to achieve this goal."


Virginia Zaffiri 

Virginia-Zaffiri.jpg"I would like to represent my workmates on the Employee Consultative Committee because I believe the new ECC will help to keep the company accountable. I also think that the ECC is a great way to give staff a voice at Crown."



Cherryl Chance

"I have been at Crown for 16 years and I want to see positive Cheryl-Chance.jpgchange at Crown. I feel that I can contribute to positive change by participating in the Employee Consultative Committee"




Marie Bautista*

Sai Kit Chan*

Ioulia Borissova*

David Thomson*

Melanie Lesevic*

Jonathan Reutens*

Rodney Mitchell*

*We do not have a photo or candidate statement yet. To provide us with one, please see an organiser on site.


Food & Beverage 

faith-villagrasa.jpgFaith Villagrasa

“I want to nominate because it’s important to me to address the issues that my workmates come to me with." 

"As someone who was part of the bargaining team in the 2013 EA campaign, it is important to me to keep the ball rolling; keep people talking; and to constantly make myself available to my workmates so that they know that their issues are my issues." 

"I love working at Crown, as do my workmates. Crown isn’t perfect, but we can try to build a better work environment and secure better futures for all of us.”



Dilip Kumar Maganti

"It's important for Food and Beverage staff to be represented. We are the second largest department at Crown, and I want to make sure we have our say."





Andrew Murray

"I'm stepping up to represent workers in F&B to see change in how F&B workers are treated in the workplace"





Phillip Rabinov

"Having worked at Crown for 15 years in many of Crown's bars and restaurants, I realise that now, more than ever, Food and Beverage Staff need to stand up and have our say."

"I want to be on the Employee Consultative Committee, to ensure the rights and working conditions of Food and Beverage Staff are respected, and maintained."



Saroj Rallabandi

"I want to represent my workmates and help to resolve issues that affect us all and help to make our workplace better." 




ROSS_kingsley.jpgRoss Kingsley

"Having seen many changes in my last eight years working here, I want to make sure Hotels Staff have a say in how these changes are implemented, particularly when it affects our job security. It is both our right, and our need, to have consultation."


Ashok_sharma_portrait.jpgAshok Sharma

"I want to protect our rights and conditions around consultation which we won in our EA 2013," explains Ashok. 

"I also want to help make Crown accountable in all ways possible so that we get to enjoy the benefits of everything we won in our EA last year."


alex-Petreveski.jpgAlex Petrevski

"I think it is very important that Crown and it's workforce have a good working relationship. And one way to achieve this is through the Employee Consultative Committee process. Through my involvement on the committee I wish to achieve this goal."



david-durosmo-laundry.jpgDavid Durosomo

"I have been working in laundry for past 10 years, and represented my co-workers' interests and issues in our 2013 EA campaign. I want to make sure that there is a fair go for all workers and make sure there is proper consultation regarding job security."


Gaming Machines


peter-parker.jpgPeter Parker

"As a union delegate I see my role as informing members of their rights and also standing with them through representation. The Employee Consultative Committee will give union members the opportunity to raise issues and solve problems that affect us. 

"I believe that it's important that any issues raised are addressed fairly, equitably and with respect for employees' welfare as the first concern." 

Nenet Fort*

Nic Costello*

*We do not have a photo or candidate statement yet. To provide us with one, please see an organiser on site. 



Chris-Moodie.jpgChris Moodie

"I want to keep Crown honest as per our EA and maintain dignity and welfare for all my Crown co-workers"






Damian McKenna

"I want to be part of the Crown-wide Employee Consultative Committee to ensure Crown security guards issues are heard! As we DO NOT have a department consultation committee this is the only forum available to be able to air our grievances and there are plenty!"


Wendy Birjan



"I would like to be part of the Employee Consultative Committee because I believe in protecting the rights we won during last years campaign. I am a casual and feel that it's important that casuals have a voice on the ECC.




Brian Pietsch



"I am putting myself forward to represent security officers, to ensure our issues and grievances have a voice outside our department, especially as we have not had a departmental consult committee for over three years! Our current senior management think they are a waste of time!"



Sandra Huxley*

Adam Campbell*

Scott Eichler*

*We do not have a photo or candidate statement yet. To provide us with one, please see an organiser on site. 


Cage & Count

Jeanette Hodgson* 

Leigh Robinson*

*We do not have a photo or candidate statement yet. To provide us with one, please see an organiser on site


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