WANTED: A fair transparent system to go full-time

Virginia ZaffiriBy Virginia Zaffiri, Dealer – Crown Melbourne

I work all weekends, I work public holidays, I work birthdays, I work Christmas, Easter and everything in between.

And yet I can’t go full-time and my shifts are actually diminishing – and that’s a huge slap in the face.

Now Crown is cutting back my shifts to the point where I can’t pay my rent. It’s less than I ever got during my first year, which was under my trainee-ship. 

I’m not the only one with this issue. My partner has the same issue so it’s a double hit for us. And I’ve spoken to plenty of others who feel the same way.

Is a fair, transparent system to move between part-time bands and full-time work important to you? Tell us why here!

All we want is a process that will allow us to go full-time if we want.

There’s supposed to be a list so that you can put your name down to move to full time, but this list is non-existent.

So I really have no way of knowing how to go full-time.

Now we want transparency. We want to know our name is on a list and we’re getting closer and closer to getting to the top of the list – but there’s no way now for us to see that. 

We want to see that progress.

That’s what I want out of our next agreement. That’s what so many of us want.

That’s why it’s so important both to join our union and to endorse our World Class Standard.

You should support us, even if you’re lucky enough to be working full-time at the moment. Because what’s happening to me could happen to anyone.