We deserve a real career at Crown

Sukhbir JhollBy Sukhbir Jholl, Chef - Crown Melbourne

It is good for Crown if staff can progress in their careers.

And it’s good for all of us who work here, too – especially the young ones who are starting out on their careers.

That’s why I want to see a clear career development structure for all of us in Food and Beverage, and everyone at Crown. This is the first thing we want rectified.

Because some of the young people are just getting stuck even though they are good enough to get a better position. We want them to be able to step up to another level.

Plus, they get more encouragement in their work and they are more motivated and happier in their jobs. If they are not happy, then that’s bad for morale.

After all, what is the point of training people if they cannot use their training?

So we need to stand together and tell Crown this needs to happen.

Everyone at Crown needs to stand together and we all need to endorse our World Class Standard, and then we can make this happen.


Sukhbir Jholl is a member of your Union Bargaining Team.