WANTED: Job security!

Anthony DeneheyAnthony Denehey, Housekeeping – Crown Melbourne

Crown has its own way of doing things in its hotels and that shows in the high quality of its rooms.

But now that contractors are coming in, we’re seeing that change. And we know that the contractor wants to take over completely and, if they do, they’ll take on staff like me.


That’s of no comfort, because we know the staff working for contractors earn less than we do.

We don’t want a wage cut. No one wants to go and work for a contractor.

So the solution is to make sure that everyone who works on our EA at Crown is paid the same, even if they work for a contractor.

If we are all being paid the same, then that’s giving us all the same level of respect..

I’m all for Crown making money, but I want its reputation to remain high, and I want to remove that incentive Crown might have to contract out our jobs.

Other staff might not be thinking about wage parity for contractors, but this is just the beginning. If we’re contracted out, why can’t table games be contracted out – and every other department, too?

That means we ALL need to endorse our World Class Standard. What are you waiting for?

We know the hard work that we do, and we know it’s us that keep Crown’s reputation high.

There should be no fear for showing your support for the people putting in the time to get you a better deal.

And what excuse do you have not to join our union? Now is the time to join.

Everyone agrees that everything on the claim is something that we deserve and should get, and to get it we need everyone to be join our union and we need you to do it now.


Anthony Denehey is a member of your Union Bargaining Team.

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