WANTED: More respect!

Roger BlythBy Roger Blyth, Finance – Crown Melbourne

I work in Finance and a lot of people who come and work with us come off the gaming floor and take a cut in pay to get away from shift work.

But now Crown is looking to make big changes to our hours of work.

But there hasn’t been a lot of consultation about this – we’ve just been told.

It’s a lifestyle issue. We all have personal commitments and responsibilities that are going to be affected by this change.  So in that way, we’re taking a big hit.

That shows a lack of respect, and that’s why we’re bringing up this issue of consultation as one of the most important issues in the next EA.

We want our jobs to clearly defined and secure. So if there are going to be any changes we need to be genuinely and respectfully consulted about them first.

Better consultation is part of our claim for world class pay and conditions. We do a world class job and we deserve world class standards. So make sure you endorse our claim, to show Crown we all support these changes.

But really, joining the union is the key to winning these changes.

If we’re all united we’re in a stronger bargaining position with Crown. The name of our union is United Voice, and if you join that gives us all a stronger voice.

So if you’re not in the union, you should definitely join.


Roger Blyth is a member of your Union Bargaining Team.

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