What does 'World-Class' mean to us?


What exactly does a world-class standard mean to union members at Crown?

Over the last month members have written hundreds of messages explaining exactly what it means to us.

These responses reflect the five key areas that we said were important to us, when we pledged to win world-class pay and conditions.


When it comes to pay, members’ messages told how we are struggling to keep up with rising costs of living. Costs go up all the time – If our pay doesn’t keep up, how are we supposed to survive? That means fair pay increases that reflect the world-class standard of our work.

“Fair pay for all is the world-class standard. Not making us work like slaves.” F&B member

“3% is not world-class standard. To offer us less than the rest of Crown is disrespectful.” Table Games member

“My rent’s going up, so why can’t my pay by more than 3%?” Table Games member


We said we work our guts out for Crown, through the night, on weekends, New Year’s Eve, even Christmas Day! Our sacrifices need to be recognised by management.

“Enough is enough! Working unsociable hours and not being compensated with enough respect is a joke! IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!” F&B member

“Could you please propose an offer that reflects our hard work, dedication, and the shift work that we do?” Table Games member



When it comes to career progression, we’ve made a long-term commitment to Crown and we deserve to have our skills and experience recognised and valued by management.

“We need fair career progression! I’ve been here 7 years and still on two games only.” Table Games member

“Career progression here is dismal. It’s time you had a transparent system that rewards loyalty.” Table Games member


Under job security we said: We’ve committed to Crown; Crown should commit to us. We deserve the security of knowing our jobs are safe.

 “Cost-cutting is fine. Cutting down on quality isn’t – neither is cutting staff. Please value us!” Hotels member

“I am committed to Crown – I just bought a house. I’d feel better during the day (I work nights) knowing Crown was committed to me.” Table Games member


At the heart of the messages that members sent is that we want to be respected for our work. We deliver the excellent service patrons expect from this world-class venue. Management needs to respect us, value us and ensure we have a safe working environment!

“Show respect – I have a young family and we deserve respect.” Table Games member

“Crown, we come to work expecting to be safe. When you say no to safety, what do I tell my fiancée?” Security member


Make sure you show Crown how important a world class standard is to you by sending in your registration card today.

Let’s show Crown we are united and determined to be given the respect that we deserve.