What our agreement means for us

When we unite to push for an enterprise agreement our aims can be as varied as we are: the one thing that does not change is that together we are stronger. These are the voices of some of the Crown delegates who made your agreement happen.


Clockwise from top left: Peter Zhang, Nick Fry, Liz Davoud, Ashok Sharma, Johan Yamin.

"I go into these things thinking we need a pay increase of at least at CPI and where we don’t go backwards in conditions," said table games dealer Nicholas Fry. "That’s my starting point for successful negotiations."

And that makes judging the 2013 campaign an easy task. "We did better than that. We got better than CPI."

For another perspective, Ashok Sharma from the hotels section took note of how working people were faring elsewhere, and it showed the Crown campaign result in a very strong light.

"Outside, you see people doing it hard. They are getting 2%, 2.3% pay rises. I have not seen anyone get more than four per cent anywhere. We know we have another four per cent next year. We can see what is happening elsewhere and we know we have done well."

Peter Zhang agreed: "With two children at home living expenses might be going up faster than four per cent, but we are doing better than a lot of other people at different companies."

Johan Yamin is enjoying the extra financial breathing space the win has given him and his family. “It will help with the bills,” he says. "It will keep me paying the mortgage. These are important things."

Area manager Liz Davoud is also enjoying the annual pay boost that comes with the new agreement her section had established. It brings more security for staff looking ahead and planning their futures.

"Previously under the old supervisory role we may or may not have received a pay rise each year. Crown called the shots on that. One year I remember receiving a $600 pay rise which did not even cover my car parking for the year. We secured a 4 per cent pay rise this year. We had favourable changes to our Superannuation contributions and guaranteed one hour of break time per shift."

Ashok issued a cautionary note for the future, however. Wins like 2013 can only continue to come if people continue to unite in solidarity. "More people have to join the union to keep it going like this."

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