Who wants better, safer jobs at Crown?

Union delegates met recently to discuss the next steps in our plan to win better, safer jobs at Crown.

Last year Crown staff won big changes to our pay and conditions. We joined our union in record numbers and showed Crown we deserve respect and recognition for the world class service we deliver. By standing together, we won a world class standard at Crown.


Now, delegates want to make sure that our daily working lives are world class too.


Over the next two months delegates want to speak to all Crown staff about the issues you care about and the changes you want to make to your job.

Delegates will be talking to staff in every area and every department across Crown Melbourne.

“At our leader meeting we decided we need to know how Crown looks now, after our 2013 EA wins,” explained Belle Hunter, a Table Games delegate.

“We want to know what’s working and what’s not; what makes Crown good and what makes it bad.”

F&B delegate Praveen Chandola agreed. “We have a lot of issues at F&B. There is a lot of favouritism with rostering and career progression. It’s not fair.”

“We want to know what are the important issues for you and the change you want to see.”

Crown delegates began this process last week with the launch of our Crown Smoking Survey, which is a chance to have your say about smoking at Crown.

Table Games delegate Colin Buckle urged all staff to do the survey.


“One of my colleagues died of cancer. I don’t want to go to any more funerals,” said Colin.

“If we don’t all participate, nothing will change. We need to show we are ready to do something about this issue.”

Belle said the key to winning these changes is by growing union membership so we are a bigger, stronger and powerful
union at Crown.

“We want to show non-members that the way forward to the best workplace we can have is by becoming part of our union, so join today!”

Have your say about smoking in English or Chinese!


Resourcing our campaigns

Members on our Victorian Branch Council have voted to increase union fees by between 40 cents per week from 1 October, 2014.

This helps meet the rising costs of providing advice and support and running workplace and industry campaigns.

United Voice has lodged a notice with Fair Work Australia setting out the alteration to the Rules in accordance with s.159(1) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act requesting that the General Manager of Fair Work Australia certify the alteration to the Rules.

For more information call the union office on (03) 9235 7777 or toll free on 1800 819 087 (country Victoria only).

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