WANTED: An extra week of leave

Szatkowski_worklife2.pngBy Rob Szatkowski, Dealer - Crown Melbourne

We all work hard. We all sacrifice a great part of or personal life to ensure Crown is a success; our families deserve more time with us.

Having time away from the pressures of shift work is important, not only for our personal well-being but for the health of our personal relationships.

This year we are asking Crown to recognise this by providing us with a vital extra week of annual leave.

Spending more time with friends and family is a goal I think we all share. Going on about how important it is to me seems a bit obvious to me.

But have you actually reflected on the value of this proposal to you personally? Not the $$ value but the actual intrinsic value.

I know that I miss much of what happens in the lives of my children and as they get older and more involved in life it is only going to get worse. I love my job so changing careers would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Let’s all show Crown how important this change is to us.

Endorse our proposal and give the negotiating team the power to succeed.


Rob Szatkowski is a member of your Union Bargaining Team.