You did it. This is your pay day!

Years of campaigning by Crown union members should be celebrated today as Crown staff on hourly rates raise a glass to five consecutive years of 4% pay rises!

In fact, due to the hard work of delegates, leaders and members, Crown employees have enjoyed an aggregate 20% in pay rises over the past five years, while in the same time the consumer price index rose just 12.8%.


In real terms, that difference means rising living standards for Crown members and their families at a time when many are struggling with the cost of living.


And while wages in Australia generally are slowing, at Crown there is another 4% pay rise due in mid-2015 as a result of our enterprise agreement, bringing the total rise in wages to 24%.

As Peter Zhang, pictured, says: "It's important that the union stays strong. We have to stand together. I remember how hard we had to campaign for 4%."

When union members demand a good life and fair wages for their world class work, they can win real change. This is what happens when a union of thousands is built from the grassroots up.

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