KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – Your Right to Paid Training

wearcrown_socialmedia.jpgIn 2013, union members at Crown fought for and won your current Enterprise Agreement.

Your agreement contains a clause saying that if Crown asks you to complete training then you need to be paid for the time spent training.

Clause 8.7 of the Crown Melbourne Limited Enterprise Agreement 2013 reads as follows:

8.7.1. All required company training, with the exception of pre-employment training, will be conducted at the company's expense and in paid time, whether during or after normal rostered hours. The company will make every reasonable effort to ensure that training courses are conducted during employees' rostered working hours. If it is not possible for a training course to be conducted during employees' rostered working hours, the company will pay employees at their ordinary hourly rate of pay for the time spent attending the training course.

8.7.2. Where an employee undertakes training which is approved by the company and it is directly related to their current duties, they will be paid according to sub-clause 8.7.1. In circumstances where employees will be acquiring new skills at their own request and the training is not directly related to their current duties, the training will be without pay.

This means that if Crown requires you to complete training that isn’t part of your pre-employment training, then you should be paid for your time. This includes any on-line training. The only time Crown doesn’t have to pay you, is if you request the training and the training requested isn’t directly related to your current duties.

If at any time you suspect that your agreement is being breached speak to your delegate on site or contact the Union Rights Centre on 9325 7777.

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